Real talk

As I’m catching up on recent events, I want to thank all the friends and colleagues, former teachers and those returning, students who graduated, parents and friends of those students enrolled this year, who read, shared, and showed support for my letter to the editor in The Coast that was published on Thursday, September 7.

I was live on-air with Don Connolly for an interview on CBC Radio Information Morning today to discuss the topic of the “no paid prep time” policy enforced this year at NSCC.

I encourage anyone who feels affected by this change to email me with your thoughts on the issue. I’d like to hear from students enrolled in the Music Business program, and other programs, about their concerns for how this policy may impact the quality of education they receive this year at NSCC. Others who I mentioned at the start, I hope to continue to hear from you, too.

Click here to read the letter to the editor titled “Prep for problems” on The Coast’s website.

Click here to listen to the interview on CBC Radio Information Morning.

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After camp

I’m back from Make.Do.Camp. and I am forever changed. Words like “unreal” and “transformational” come to mind. Before I get all pie in the sky, let me share with you a secret: to simply unplug, make time for friends and conversations, to eat regular meals, swim, craft, and to follow your heart with an open mind – these are things we can all do to Make.Do.Camp.

Here is a photo of Laura Simpson, the founder of Make.Do.Camp., that I think encapsulates the spirit of it all.

And to answer the big question – did I do the zip line?! No, but not because I was afraid, I was too busy doing all the other things!

Photo credit: Angela Susan

Before camp

This week I’m going to Make.Do.Camp and I’m excited – and nervous – but mostly excited.

On Thursday I’m boarding a bus headed to the YMCA Big Cove camp for four days to unplug and take part in the fun and inspiring activities that Laura Simpson and her excellent team have planned. I loved camp as a kid and I’m looking forward to being in nature and meeting new people.

You can watch this super cool promo video and visit the Make.Do.Camp website to see what it’s all about.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. The big question is: Am I going to do the zip line? Who knows! I’ll be sure to report back after camp to fill you in.

Make.Do.Camp video by Mirror Image Media.

Sleepless Nights

My favourite band of all time is back together and they are releasing a new EP and they are playing a show at the Seahorse on September 16. My level of fangirl could only be matched if I were to travel back in time to my six year-old self and spend the day with Punky Brewster.

Thank you Sleepless Nights for making my dreams come true.


It’s about time that I have a website.

I’m proud of this website because I built it myself with help from my friend Mat Dunalp. He doesn’t know how much he helped me, though. We worked together for a long time and he taught me how to use WordPress. Now I’m finally putting it to good use for myself. High fives, buddy! Oh, there you are.

Photo by Mat Dunalp, of him and I

Also, Tara Thorne is one of my most favourite people. She wrote my fancy new biography and I loved working with her, and I’m so happy to share it with everyone. Thank you, Tara!

I’m looking forward to adding more news – and more client work – to my pages. This will be my go-to place online where I can share my ongoings with the world. And many ongoings there will be. Thanks for visiting my website and have a great day.