Here’s a tip or five

As a grant writer I often meet with people to talk about funding and investment programs. I get asked a lot of questions about what programs are available, how to apply, and everything in between. To help prepare you for funding and investment, these are my top five tips:

1. Give yourself lots of time. It can take two weeks or two months to put together a plan and the actual application process can be lengthy.

2. The right fit. Read the eligibility requirements and any other information available to make sure your project meets the program’s mandate.

3. Talk to the program officer. Contact the person in charge of administering the program to discuss your project with them, and ask for their feedback on your ideas.

4. Perspective. It may feel awkward but it is standard to write a grant from the third person point of view.

5. Be honest. Always tell the truth; be honest about where you are in your career, where you want to be, and how the funds you receive will help you get there.

These tips are meant to strengthen your plan, your project, and your potential for funding and investment. I’m always happy to talk about grant writing, contact me over email to get in touch!