Ever since my friend Ricky Goodall at Elevated Academy suggested I write an ebook, I see them everywhere I turn – there are ebooks for every topic – even ebooks about writing ebooks.

As a writer, it’s exciting to explore the creative and informative world of digital publishing. Not just because I’m thinking about writing an ebook myself (stay tuned, 2018) but also because I’m helping other writers edit and proofread their ebooks. And THAT is a lot of fun. All of those hours I spent as a teacher marking papers, checking for grammar and spelling mistakes – I may have cursed my students at times but I’m thanking every one of them now.

When the words are on the pages (or should I say screen) where they need to be, I will be sure to post the link to the first digital publication I have the pleasure to be part of. The more I read the more I think everybody can write an ebook! Best of all, now you know somebody who can help you write yours. 😉

My friend Jennifer Faulkner wrote this ebook with her boss and our friend, Kyle Racki. Kyle owns a company called Proposify and Jennifer works there as the head of content. They are both brilliant and their ebook The Full Scale Agency is too.