Side Door

At ECMA in Saint John this year I met with an inspiring entrepreneur named Laura Simpson. As a creative industry professional who operates not one but three organizations, working with and getting to learn from Laura these past six months has been one of my greatest gifts.

Which leads me to Side Door.

“Side Door is a curated digital booking and ticketing platform, used to create micro-concerts in homes and other private venues. The company is a partnership between Laura and two-time JUNO Award winning Canadian artist Dan Mangan. As a website and an app, Side Door is primed to disrupt the traditional music industry‚Äôs touring model for artists, live performances, and fan experiences.”

That’s the pitch, what do you think?

To me, Side Door is this cool tech company that makes intimate shows in interesting places for audiences who really want to see artists perform – happen.

You can read all about Side Door and join their network as an artist, host or a fan here. Then you’ll get their newsletter, too! Because it’s fun to watch a company grow.

Here’s a photo of Laura and Dan. See? Fun!