Learning outcomes

When I was a teacher at NSCC, the big focus for curriculum was on learning outcomes and in-class activities that lead students to demonstrate their knowledge. What’s great about NSCC, and many post-secondary institutions, is the integration of field experience into their education programs by way of work terms or internships.

In April and May, I had the opportunity to participate in my first work term as an industry partner with a soon-to-be graduate Abigail Gallant from NSCC’s Music Business program.

Abigail and I hit it off right away – we both talk a lot, love music, and have a penchant for figuring things out. I had a long list of things to do and swiftly started handing things off.

While some tasks were easier than others, we communicated often and came to the table more prepared each week. Not only did Abigail learn some real-life skills for the workplace and make valuable connections, I unexpectedly discovered many new things about myself and things I can do now for the future to help my business grow.

I encourage all small business owners to explore the opportunities available from your local colleges and universities to participate in a work term or internship. You might just learn more than you think!