I see July

July is my favourite month. Not just because my birthday is in July (an obvious bias) but because it beckons the halfway point of the year. You see, in January we’re full of intention and determination, busy setting resolutions for things to achieve. In July the heat and the sun tug at our shorts and we’re tempted more toward nature and the ocean, spending time with friends at BBQs and on boats.

We forgot about this in January: the dog days of summer. This is why, for me, July is the best time to set new intentions to do more of what we love in the year ahead.

One of the biggest highlights for me in 2018 has been working as a consultant with fine art photographer Connie Publicover. Her water drop photography reveals the stunning beauty in a drop of water and her prints have been featured in a multitude of mediums internationally, earning her numerous awards and accolades.

Photo by Connie Publicover

Connie’s artwork is very much like July to me. Her photos capture a moment in time that we can stop and examine for its beauty and its realness. We can choose to look at the precious life form of one drop of water and see more of what we love.

To see more fine art photography by Connie Publicover, visit her website.