Party people

Halifax is about to get loud! The East Coast Music Association is hosting their annual conference and festival, bringing hundreds of musicians and industry professionals from across Canada and abroad to our tiny corner of the world.

I’ve had many different roles at ECMA each year, but whether I’m representing artists or scouting new talent, one thing is the same: there are never enough hours in the day to do all the things. So, I’ve come up with three easy tips that will help you survive the (very) long weekend.

1. Create an organized, easy-to-read schedule. Read the ECMA conference schedule online and pick and choose what you want to attend. Write everything down, including the name of the workshop/panel, location, and time. Do the same with the festival schedule for the showcasing artists, then add in your own business meetings and commitments. Now you have your very own schedule of everything you want to do, see and accomplish. Pro tip: research the people who are part of the workshop/panel and the artists you’re going to see, you’ll be happy you did when you meet them at the after party.

2. Pace yourself; it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Look at the schedule you just made and plan your downtime. Plan nothing for an hour or two each day and use that time to freshen up, have a snack, nap, or whatever you want to do. Pro tip: bring your comfy pants and slippers if you stay in a hotel. They make downtime that much cozier.

3. Stay hydrated. Hotel air, no sleep… even if you stay sober it’s easy to forget to drink enough water in your 20-hour day. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere you can, but not an expensive one because they’re easy to lose. Pro tip: pack a travel mug, it can double as a water bottle when you lose the first one.

Bonus tip! Put a pair of earplugs in every jacket, bag or purse you own. The last thing you want to hear when your head finally hits your pillow is ringing in your ears. Safety first, party people.

Happy ECMA!