Revive! with the National Arts Centre

The National Arts Centre (NAC) in Ottawa launched its Revive! campaign to engage with their existing audience and create awareness for the organization among new audiences, too. The marketing team saw the opportunity to onboard the NAC to TikTok and pilot the app as its primary social media platform for the campaign.

I had a fantastic time working with the NAC team to produce and post 14 TikToks to kick-start Revive!. I was also thrilled to present my first “TikTok 101: How to make a TikTok” lunch and learn for dozens of NAC staff.

Among the many highlights during the six-week campaign: there were almost 4,000 video views, an average of nearly 100 plays/day, and the NAC TikToks were viewed in eight different countries. We drilled down further to determine their engagement rate for Facebook and YouTube is close to 5% (well above the less than 1% average), and for TikTok it’s 376%. WOAH!

We wrapped our work on the project in mid-May and I’m excited to see the NAC TikTok account is thriving. I’m looking forward to working with more creators and organizations to help them explore the app and engage with audiences all over the world.