What’s your story?

When I started Krista Keough Creative Communications in 2007, I didn’t have any sort of plan. I was confident in my abilities and my resourcefulness; I had ideas about what I wanted to do and a passion for storytelling. For a marketing and communications professional, you might not see telling stories as an important part of business, but it is for me.

Throughout my career, I have been drawn to entrepreneurs with a story, songwriters who sing stories, and creators who have a story to tell. It’s the thread that ties together my experience in advertising, film, TV, publicity, grant writing, artist management, teaching, marketing, and communications together. I love sharing a good story and helping others share theirs.

Although I didn’t have a plan, I learned a lot from one of my first gigs as the director’s assistant for a big-budget film. Immediately after I arrived home from my last day on set, I wrote this piece for myself to reflect on my time in my role. Little did I know where my journey would take me, or that these lessons learned would be just as relevant to my business today as they were then.

As we’re looking ahead to a new year, I’m looking forward with eager anticipation, ready for the next chapter in my story.