On a mission

As an entrepreneur, Jenine Panagiotakos is leading the charge toward building coworking communities in Atlantic Canada. Her business, Many Hats Workspace, is located on the 3rd floor of the Bedford Basin Farmers Market and has attracted resident and co-working members who provide a range of professional services, health and wellness practices, and creative offerings.

Jenine is expanding Many Hats Inc. to offer consulting services for builders and commercial property owners to develop, curate, and manage shared workplaces. She is forming new partnerships with industry groups and clients in her target market to create more coworking spaces in Halifax through new construction, retrofitted buildings, and repurposed commercial space. These projects will come to light in 2021 and will make a big impact on the city’s landscape.

I was thrilled to work with Jenine to write a new vision statement for Many Hats Inc.:
See your future in coworking.

And a mission statement:
To foster the growth and development of coworking communities.

With a clear vision and mission, Many Hats Inc. is well on its way to achieving its goal: for people to imagine themselves in a coworking space and feel inspired to be part of the shared workplace movement.