Send me your bio

Four words that can put the fear of God into any professional: Send me your bio. That is, if you don’t have a one. Maybe you have a biography but it hasn’t been updated since that time you worked at that company, and even then you didn’t really like it.

I believe you should have a biography you love, one that sounds like you. When you read your bio, you should want to give yourself a high-five and bask in the glow of how awesome you are!

The trick about writing a bio for yourself is that most of us have a “don’t toot your own horn” filter. We often underestimate or downplay our most important accomplishments because we feel uncomfortable talking about ourselves.

In my experience writing biographies – for artists, entrepreneurs, executives, and everyone in between – I have found so much joy in helping people realise how awesome they are. Contact me to get started on your new biography today!