I like to consider myself a ‘selective early-adopter’, more of a ‘forecaster’, when it comes to spotting trends in writing, business and the arts. One trend that’s in all our sites now is artificial intelligence. It’s steadily showing up everywhere, from our devices to our everyday lives.

As a creative person, I genuinely was excited by the idea of AI at first. I signed up for ChatGPT within days of its launch in November 2022 (among one million others) and quickly had it writing grocery lists, suggesting dog-training tips and having full-on conversations about the pros and cons of being single at 40 (there are many pros … in my list, anyway). Like with lots of other technology, once the novelty wore off, I used it when I remembered that I could.

Cut to February 2024 and I’m scrolling TikTok one night. I watch a video about Data Annotation Tech, a company that provides project work in the field of AI. It piqued my curiosity; the creator was Canadian and spoke highly of the opportunity. Not long after, I took the qualifying tests and was accepted within a couple of weeks. For that, I’m extremely grateful because I’m sure it’s only going to gain in popularity, and also competitiveness.

Now that I’m getting to see “behind the curtain” of some AI engineering, my mind is blown on a daily basis. Whether it’s an hour after dinner or an entire evening of writing and editing and researching new things, I can’t help but be electrified inside with anticipation of what’s to come in our near future.

I know you might be thinking, “But Krista, you’re a writer in marketing and the arts – you’re going to be replaced by AI, doesn’t that make you mad?!”. To that, I say: if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Get on the AI train in any way that you can and start to build your experience.

My prediction is: if you aren’t replaced by AI, you, too, will be working for AI soon enough.