Roswall’s new website

Dan Roscoe is the managing director of Roswall Development, a renewable energy company that’s based right here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He’s been steadily growing his business with his team for over two years and was in need of a website upgrade to coincide with a big announcement that was expected to draw international attention.

We put our heads together and dove straight into WordPress, picking through the best themes to present Roswall’s look and feel. After deciding on a template with more whitespace than before, we made our selection and I moved on to sourcing photos (one of my most favourite parts – I use Unsplash almost exclusively). We worked on the headlines and copy for each page, going back and forth on big and little things, until each word was in place. I made some last-minute tweaks to make sure everything lined up and, before we knew it, it was time to flip the switch.

After only two weeks – with the bulk of the work completed over four days (and lots of take-out) – the new website is up and running, just in time for Roswall’s big announcement.