Lessons learned

Ten years ago almost to this day, I started a new job as the director’s assistant on the set of Sea-Wolf, a 20 million dollar, made for German-TV, 2-part miniseries starring Tim Roth and Neve Campbell (and many, many sailors, and fake-dead seals).

One of the producers, Ginny Duzak, gave me the opportunity to interview for the position and I could never thank her enough. And Mike Barker, the director, for giving me the chance.

I was recently reminded about a note that I wrote after I finished my last day on set. I remember coming home, I collapsed on the couch and thought, “I never want to forget this,” so I wrote down a list and titled it:

The top 15 life lessons learned from working in film

Ten years later almost to this day, I can see just how much this experience impacted my career (and my life!). It ignited my passion for the arts, and informed the way I work and the values I try my very best to uphold.