It’s about time that I have a website.

I’m proud of this website because I built it myself with help from my friend Mat Dunalp. He doesn’t know how much he helped me, though. We worked together for a long time and he taught me how to use WordPress. Now I’m finally putting it to good use for myself. High fives, buddy! Oh, there you are.

Photo by Mat Dunalp, of him and I

Also, Tara Thorne is one of my most favourite people. She wrote my fancy new biography and I loved working with her, and I’m so happy to share it with everyone. Thank you, Tara!

I’m looking forward to adding more news – and more client work – to my pages. This will be my go-to place online where I can share my ongoings with the world. And many ongoings there will be. Thanks for visiting my website and have a great day.