Sociable Media is a marketing company specializing in digital strategy, social media management, website development, and online advertising. President Maria McGowan and her team provide strategic oversight for their clients while continuously creating new and exciting ideas to take their online presence to the next level.

In my initial talks with Maria, we discovered a lot of similarities and complimentary skills between us. She shared with me her idea for Digital Portfolio: a new HR tech concierge service to help professionals build a personalized website that communicates their skills, education, and experience in an interactive way.

We quickly put together a project plan that includes market research and analysis of the target markets; setting goals for the brand strategy; and a discovery session to create the brand identity, brand message, and positioning.

Working with Maria and her team adds a ton of excitement to my day and it’s challenging my skills in new ways. From writing surveys to making wireframes, new ideas have a way of motivating you to explore your entrepreneurial spirit and try different things. And I’ll cheers to that!